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Outdoor Lighting Design

At Wellit our outdoor and landscape lighting design principles add beauty and harmony to your home and outdoor living spaces. Your property’s landscape is one of the most welcoming and distinctive features of your home. And yet it is probably hidden from view once its dark. Diminishing your enjoyment of the view and limiting the usability of your outdoor space after daylight. Let Wellit release your property’s full potential. By illuminating the best features of your property to create a beautiful lightscape, create security or extend the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

We believe the best way to show you how well we can paint a picture of illumination. Is to allow us to show you first hand with a free demonstration. Upon meeting we will discuss what you would like to accomplish and what mood you would like to set. Afterwards we will choose a space or location at your residence an temporary set up lighting in this area for you to enjoy at your leisure over a few nights. This way you will have a full understanding of what we can accomplish and what the illumination will look like.

Landscape Lighting Installation

At Wellit we install and utilize the highest quality fixtures and components the industry has to offer. Most of the lighting fixtures we use have an unmatched lifetime warranty and the LED lamps we install are backed by a five-year warranty.

Our team of Master electricians, lighting technicians and lighting controllers make sure everything is installed to NEC code and local jurisdiction laws (including dark sky ordnance). All outdoor connections are completely waterproof an rated for direct burial.

We are relied on by Architects, Landscape Designers, Landscapers, Contractors and other professionals for our clean professional work. We pay meticulous attention to detail while installing your lighting system, we take great care to leave your property in pristine condition. Don’t be surprised if your grounds look even better than they did before we started.

After installing a landscape lighting system we always perform a nighttime adjustment. We make sure all final fixture locations and adjustments are made at night. We know this is not common place with other companies, however we know it makes all the difference in the world.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor lighting systems require maintenance. Lights will need to be cleaned as dirty lenses can reduce light output dramatically. Lamps have a lifespan and landscapes are constantly growing.

We offer adjustable annual maintenance plans upon request. If you have an older lighting system in need of alterations, repair, scheduled maintenance or interested in retro- fitting your older lamps into new cost-effective green LED’s please contact us today.

Benefits of LED’s

Today’s LED lamps offer many benefits over tradition halogen or incandescent light bulbs. While the initial cost of LED’s may seem high, the benefits you receive make them worth it. Some of these benefits include:

High Efficiency Lighting

Up to 80% savings in electricity.

Longer Bulb Life

LED lamps yield an expectancy of about 40,000 hours. Almost 10x longer than a traditional halogen lamp.

Warm, Pleasing Color

The color temperature of today’s LED’s that are available match halogen perfectly and can even be warmer if needed.

Added Durability

Since LED’s do not use a filament they are more resistant to being damaged and better withstand extreme weather conditions.

All LED lamps we install come with a factory 5 year warranty and will be replaced free of charge if the lamp dies within this period. Ideally LED’s that are rated for 40,000 hours if turned on for 8 hours a day will last approximately 12.5 years. This means less time spent on maintenance and changing lamps. If you would like us to start changing your burnt out lamps to our high quality LED lamps during our maintenance visits. Or if you would like a free estimate on retro-fitting your entire outdated lighting system, please contact us today.

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